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About Us

Built To Last

All our boards are constructed from laser cut aerospace-grade aluminum, 100% crafted in the United States by talented people on state-of-the-art equipment. We are so confident in our design and workmanship that every board leaves our 62,000 sq. ft. shop in California with an unlimited and fully transferable lifetime warranty. If your Fix Pedal Board gets damaged in any way -- whether it happens the day you get it or 20 years from now -- and regardless if you are the original owner or not -- just send it back and we’ll replace it, no questions asked. Who else will offer you a deal like that!?


We offer a huge range of pedalboards in a wide range of sizes and a rainbow of colors, so no matter how many pedals you run, and how flamboyant (or subdued you are) we've got you covered.

Risers Too

If you already have a board that you're happy with, more power to you. However, we also offer a full compliment of pedal risers and mounting brackets designed to work on all pedal boards... not just ours. So you can have your "fix" no matter what board you run.